Sunday, March 4, 2007

Why I did not write.

I've been away from the desk project and from posting for couple of weeks. We had a little excitement on the medical front this last week. My wife had a cancer test. And as it turned out she is fine. The doctor told her to come back in five years and they will check again. That means that she has by his estimate at least a 5 year shelf life. Where as I can't necessarily make that claim. She will out live me of that I am sure. Women live longer than men, any stand up comic will tell you, because after putting up with women men do not want to live any more. Bada-boom!

At any rate when we got through the test she is fine and off we go. The test took a year to schedule. That's right she booked it a full year ago. That is what they call the Alberta Heathcare Advantage. If there would have been a problem, by the time she got tested they could have found it in an autopsy. But one way or another they would have found it. The government's approach is that the autopsy is better because there are no repeat offenders and it frees up the hospital beds for those who are willing to pay. Conservative logic at its best. As you will have guessed I am no fan of our current right wing government. But what can we do when the majority elects a premier because he's a lush and that "makes him one of the guys!".
Enough politics.

I took a break from the desk just to get through the wife's test and because I was having a few problems that I had to resolve. They are done and now it is time to get back at it. The problems had to do with he trim for the pedestal base. I milled up the the stock I needed then when I went to mitre it one of the pieces chipped and there I was short of materiel. Then when I went to cut the "feet" my jig saw which was never a good one (I have had trouble with that thing since day one) failed me again. I may be the problem but I swear the tool hates me too. At any rate now I was short two pieces. I have purchased the stock again and I just have to re mill it. I also decided that I don't need to make the cut outs in the base trim as I found a system of adjustable feet that I can install under the pedestal if I need to later. The problem with the desk not sitting level will not be a problem because for now it will be set up on carpet which is self leveling more or less.

So now that I don't have to do anything fancy I am ready to start again except that this week was housekeeping. Cleaning the house took a half a day, we lost a day to the regular weekend errands and so it goes. Then there was another couple of hours going from one hardware store to another looking for stain and varathane, (Home Depot dropped the ball again being sold out of the stain I wanted, and only the color I wanted, so I went with their evil twin RONA). I don't even wonder any more why the progress is so slow I know that it is always two steps forward and one step back.

Finally when I went to write this post I could not get connected to the net. Telus was dropping the ball. I had to disconnect the whole system, modem, router, firewall and reconnect then it worked. It was not Telus's problem even though "they were experiencing a high volume of calls" . I guess when my router which regularly works fine decides to pack it in, it up and calls all it's buddies so everyone can have a router failure at the same time. I think that since the system started working on its own half way through Telus debugging the problem it must have been my equipment...NOT. It certainly would not have been their network. If you don't believe me just ask them.

Making less progress than I had intended...


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