Monday, June 2, 2008

The Deck

There is a bit on you tube and elsewhere where Jeff Foxworthy, Drew Carey and others are sitting around comparing decks and all the innuendo that comes with it. It believe it is a skit from Blue Collar TV. Well I'm going to be getting into decks for a minute too. We have a roof on ours at our RV lot as of about 5 o'clock last night. And it was a good job. Art and Brian two older renovators from the campground are doing them just to keep their hand in but not to have too much work. They are semi-retired or so they say but they worked all weekend on mine and another project. If that's retirement I'll keep working.

Anyway they got 'er done. Beat the rain shower by about an hour. But there was a casualty. We lost a tree in the process. Had to take it down because it was crowding the roof. OK more than crowding by about 6 inches which was just about the thickness of the tree at the bottom. So down it came. Next weekend or when ever the sun comes back I will cut it up into firewood.

I was lucky that it was the small tree I could have been up against a big one. If we had had to go any further the next tree is a good foot across at the bottom and 70 or 80 feet tall. I think we may have had to build around that. But we didn't have to so we were lucky.

What a difference a deck made to the trailer and what a difference the roof made to the deck. It near doubles our living space. And the dogs can go outside rain or shine. That would be a perk for us but not probably not for the girls. Dixie, the summer dog, is partial to the creature comforts. But she did not mind the deck yesterday after the construction noise stopped. Dixie was beside herself with the noise form the drilling and power tools. She did not know where to hide when the fellows were using the hole saw to install the downspouts. If she could have gotten into the wall she would have as it was she was trying to make herself disappear into a corner every time they drove a screw home. The whole deck roof amplified the sound and believe me it was not her cup of tea. Belle, the winter dog, on the other hand napped through it all except when it was very loud. The noise was an inconvenience for Belle.

So in just over a day and a half we went from a plain deck to a roofed in outdoor living room it was a fantastic transformation that I should have done years ago, But I used to have an awning and it was sort of the same but not quite. The new trailer didn't so I kind of missed it. I like the idea that you could put it up and down but I wont miss the 2 am roll ups when the wind started up Or rolling and unrolling it until it was stowed properly. Nah on second thought aluminum is better. If I need sun I can move my chair off the deck.

It is calling for rain this weekend and part of me hopes that it will. I'm looking forward to sitting and listening to the sound of rain on the roof, even a tin one.

On the edge of our seat waiting for the weekend...