Monday, May 26, 2008

Eau De Wet Dog

The girls are sporting a new fragrance this week. Eau De Wet Dog. It is raining again just like it has been for week now. And Belle and Dixie have to go out so they get wet. And voila Eau de Wet Dog. That lovely aroma that permeates everything. And put a curb to our trailer visit this weekend. We went up but came right back again after we completed our errands for the day. A new trailer should not smell like an old wet dog this soon. And the wet makes them rowdy and I'm sure that despite their being good last week a set or two of muddy wet feet would almost certainly wind up on the new couch. So we did not stay and the girls did not get to come into the trailer.

60 millimeters of rain is what we got over the past week about 3 or 4 inches for the non metrics in the crowd. When it gets warm every thing is going to pop. I think I'll have a 20 minute window to mow my lawn before I need a swather. Maybe we will be lucky this year and the rain and snow pack melt will not coincide and maybe we wont have flooding any worse than we already have. High River has high water again for the umpteenth time in as many years it seems. The Elbow in town is threatening the poor folk in Rideau. Those large estates are getting smaller as the Elbow river washes them down to the Bow and on to Medicine Hat.

But we need the rain. Make that needed the rain. But enough is enough. It can stop any time. The rain barrel is full the apple trees in my yard are well watered as are the Saskatoons. And yes Belle has been over inspecting the blossoms on them too. Judging by the blooms it will be a good year for grazing if they don't get washed off.

A friend at work here lucked out on the rain though. He sodded his yard on the long weekend. Got all his new sod in and just as he was finishing the rain started and has not stopped. It was just exactly what he needed. When it dries up he can let his little ones out on new grass. And he didn't even have to drag a hose around. What's more rain is better for the new grass than the treated city water. He was the only guy smiling at the forecast around here. Well even he is not smiling any more. Seems he can't let the little ones out of the house in the rain and they are going stir crazy. Not a problem in our house, our problem is Eau de Wet Dog.

Just sitting here with the Glade...