Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Day

According to rodents we will have an early spring. Wireton Willie and some other gopher from Nova Scotia did not dee their shadows and so an early spring. Which in this neck of the woods means only 5 more weeks of winter a big Chinook and a two foot dump of snow just for the heck of it.

If you beleive that a rat can prognisticate the weather then let me tell you about this bridge I have for sale. It is a bright sunny cold day here in western Canada and spring time in the Rockies is still a couple or 3 months off. March 21 is the first official day of spring and if it warms before that count your blessings. We always get a final blast of winter in the form of a big dump of snow in late March or early April sometimes as late as May and that is the end of winter here, Mother nature's way of saying "And another thing!". It is the way of things and that is that.

But Groundhog day is a way to get a bit of hope. To see the light at the end of the tunnel and for that it works. The little critters did not see their shadow so a break from this bleak and lately very cold winter is on its way and soon. And with that to cling to the cold and snow and darkness is just a bit easier to take.

I'll bet that is what Groundhog day was invented for. Some old european guy in the middle of a dreary Polish winter decided he needed a way to get his neighbours to feel better. And what beter way than a magic gopher. Yank him out of a fine winter slumber and if it is a dreary day proclaim an early spring then everyone off to the local watering hole for a few cool ones. An excuse for a party and if the prediction fails blame the rat. Darn clever if you ask me.

And that is all that it is. A bit of animal abuse rousting the poor bugger that way and a party. But if it works and gets everyone out of their winter funk so much the better.

I don't have to rely on meterological rodents. I have my regular dog walks to keep me feeling good. After a long day at the office its good to get the girls out on the leash. And if you've got something on your mind or to get off your chest you can tell the dogs. The girls are good listeners most of the time. (They just have a little trouble with obedience.) And talking to dogs is much better than talking to yourself as you go walking in a winter wonderland. But if all you have is Groundhog Day I hope the promise of an early spring helps you get by.

Just putting the dog's boots and coats on for thier walk...


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life at 50 Below

With the wind chill it was -49C yesterday. Cold in any language to be sure. It was the first day that I have not walked the dogs in the nearly two years I have owned them. At that temperature it is just too dangerous. Boots and coats not withstanding. The Icy blast is supposed to last until Thursday. With a bit of luck I will be able to take them out Thursday night. But for now I think they are happy with 5 minute zips outside to do their business. And not a lot of time wasted at that. Funny how at 50 below you don't have to inspect every bump under the snow!

So at this temperature you can guess that the weather was the lead story on the news. How cold it is, how the EMS has been touring downtown to look for homeless who might be in trouble, how the C Train was running late because of the cold etc etc. Like we had not had enough of the weather already.

But then their survey poll asked how do you deal with 50 below. They of course were looking for responses like "I bundle up and only go out if I have to" or "I cocoon and stay inside". Well that's nice work if you can get it but some of us have to go out. We deal with it by; well dealing with it. Dress warmly, and do the bare minimum outside. For some that is a brisk dash from the house to the garage into the car, from the car to the office etc. For others like our postmen you bundle up and take it on the chin. Then again Postal delivery another job that is overpaid every day except these then it evens out.

But getting back to the news poll they wanted to know how to deal with 50 below well a picture is worth a thousand words. The girls know how.

In my next life I want to come back as a spoiled beagle.

Trying to thaw out....