Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back From Vacation

And feeling like I was never gone. Why is it that the vacation relaxation spill over is only about a day or two. It seems like all the benefit of a vacation is gone within a day or two of getting back to work. All that relaxation you felt gone. All the stress relief gone. Maybe its the 400 plus emails that were here to greet you. Or maybe its the people who were here who have been working on problems and issues who just want to off load them on the first happy face they see. What a downer.

Maybe the problem is that the vacation was too good. I know mine was. Some of the best fishing in years. No it was not having the boat back up an running after two years without it. It was good fishing. I know a bad day's fishing beats a good day's work any time but when you can reel in your limit in an hour, when they are lining up to get on the hook, well that is just a good day's fishing. When you get a hit on the first cast of the year that is good fishing. When you cast once an get a fish release it and get another on your second cast that is good fishing. And that is how good the fishing was. We even got a couple of Pickerel (Walleye).

The family reunion was a success too. I met cousin's of the wife's that I had not met before. She had not seen them since she was 11 or 12 well before my time. The weather was HOT and the beer cold. The food was fantastic and yes we ate too much. We visited lots and got caught up with people we had not seen since the last reunion 12 years ago. Everyone got along. The only disappointment I saw was the young boy (wife's cousin's daughter's boy) who wanted to get a picture of the hummingbird. He waited a couple of hours to get it and the bird just did not show up that night. Well maybe I can make it up to him. I got some really nice shots a few days later that I can e-mail out. (No they won't be posted for a while as I am still rebuilding my primary system since my hard drive crashed.)

I got acquainted with my niece. She is 6 and a going concern. She was my buddy because we had the dogs. You see she can't have a real dog because her brother is asthmatic. So when she got the chance to walk, feed and play with real dogs she did not let it go to waste. The girls were not lonely while she was around. And they got their vegetables every day. The green Milk bone treats are vegetable flavored and she dug through the bin each day to make sure each dog got at least one vegetable flavored one. She sure hated to leave the dogs when she had to go they got hugged and kissed and "good-bye'd" twice. I think the girls missed her

All in all it was one of the better vacations I have ever had. There were snafu's too. Like falling in the mud at La Colle falls, and having to get the vent fan replaced in the van. There were too many "wake weenies" on the lake so you were taking your life in your hand in the canoe on weekends. But on the plus side the new canoe rack worked great and the girls turned out to be good sailors in the canoe. They did not like sailing in the pontoon boat.

What's that? What's a "wake weenie"? Power boat operators who don't know or care to learn the rules of the road for boating. Their IQ is inversely proportional to the boat engine horse power. They roar around all day creating large wake waves. The one benefit of the preponderance of wake weenies is that very few fishermen use the lake any more and as a result the fishing is really good.

So why does it feel like I was never away?

Getting stressed again as usual....