Monday, June 9, 2008

Singin' in the Rain

Rain rain go away come again some other day.

It was wet again this weekend. Real wet. Noah wet. I think I saw animals lining up two by two. Ducks were looking for umbrellas. You get the picture. But my deck was dry! We had rain off and on for most of the day Saturday and until about 10:00 am Sunday. The fellow who put up my deck roof was wondering how the noise was. Frankly Art, the only thing that woke me up was the furnace kicking in through the night. The rain on the deck roof was not a problem.

But it can stop now. Or at least by the weekend. I have to fin sh skirting in the deck so that I don't get critters living under it. I have most everything I need except for the front trim and a few 2X6 maybe about a hundred dollars worth of material. There was one item that had me scratching my head. How do you skirt around the steps. Art's partner said he closed them in all around but that seemed a little fussy. So after wandering around the park I saw a solution that will be perfect. I will add a piece to the front rail of the deck so that I can go under the steps to skirt them. The extra piece will let me mount the shirting under the steps without having to remove them. It has the added benefit of letting me use small pieces of scrap skirting that would have other wise wound up in the land fill. Gee Green and efficient how lucky can you get. I'm sure this is all as clear as muddy water so when I do it I will take some pictures.

The girls don't like the deck particularly it is sort of a jail for them but since they can't be let loose it is better than being cooped up inside all day. I can live with the occasional accident on the deck better than on the carpet.

And what is on the agenda after the deck. Well it looks like a small shed for tools and junk storage. I have a storage box but it has a split roof and it leaks no too clever in retrospect. So its time to replace that. Maybe I will clean it up and use it for fire wood storage. It will keep that dry enough. And I will have a whole tree to stow away in there for a while.

I did not get to cutting it up this weekend. Too wet. I would have been dry I suppose because I would have been using my hand saw, a Swede Saw my Father In Law would have called it or I guess since my father calls a shovel a Mexican Back Hoe this would be a Mexican Chain Saw. In either case it is a lot of hand work. We will see about it next week.

In the mean time I have some shopping to do and some set up. And a little more clean up, and d a little more planning, and some figuring...

Waiting for the sun to come out and dry up the place...