Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Leisurely Weekend

Well it was another great weekend at the leisure park. It must have been, I ache all over from installing nailers, building stairs and leveling the site. When I felt this sore the morning after(in the old days back at the U of R) I knew I had had a great night before. So I must have had a great weekend right? I have to go back to work to get a rest.

But we have pictures. Of the interior only I will explain why later.

This is the view from the kitchen looking back,
Looking toward the kitchen
The entertainment unit and china cabinet The glass cabinets are about 14 or 16 inches deep so they have lots of space. Its too bad we have nothing to display in them. We have old camping dishes and a camp kitchen kit. The fancy china is Corelle. Maybe we can make it look like a museum exhibit of old junk.

A close up of the cabinet. The wood is oak. But the grain is not as rough as you usually see. This is smoother more like cherry. All we have in the cabinet is the lantern that we use when we take the dogs for their morning constitutional. Its sort of a "flush light".
The bedroom. It looks a little crowded in this shot but it isn't really. You can walk around the bed and you can stand up. Not an option in the fifth wheel. Lots of light too from windows in either side. Flow-thru ventilation for those nights after the campfire bean and beer dinners.

Nope didn't get one of the bathroom but it has all the trappings.

We grabbed these shots on the way out so maybe they don't do it justice it was the end of a long weekend of working and we were both kind of tired. But I hope you get the idea.

A little skirting and clean up in the yard and I will show you the outside. Right now it looks like, well a trailer park just after the twister. The skirting material is lying around and the extra siding I had from the earlier project and lots of sawdust and wood and ... well you get the picture.

So the skirting this year, a deck next year and a roof on the deck the year after or that's the plan. But you know what Robbie Burns said about the best laid plans. The skirting project this spring was part of a plan too.

Sitting here aching from my leisurely weekend...