Monday, July 9, 2007

Trailer Number 3

Done. The skirting is finally done so what are we doing to celebrate! Ha! Looking at park models. For those of you not familiar with the term it is a mobile home that you set up and just leave in one place. Like we are doing right now with the trailer. But I think that went out the window for a year or so anyway. Actually we a looking at a "park trailer" same thing only narrower with slide outs. The sales-double-speak-people are getting pretty good with the weasel words.

We won't be able to afford it having paid out the house and paying out the trailer loan too. The trailer originally cost us 6 grand more than I remembered. And when we amortized it over 15 years (10 years ago) it was a good deal. Now we want to upgrade but we still owe way too much. It is costing nearly a hundred dollars a month in interest. So we are going to scrape our scheckles together and pay it off. They have got enough interest from me. They don't pay bugger all but sure sock it to ya on a loan so we are getting out from under. It will mean that the upgrade will have to be put off a while but we have time.

The sales guy, in addition to wanting to be my best friend, says we want to avoid the price increase for next year. What that means is he need the cash flow this year. Sorry about that new best friend. By this time next year we will still be ahead of the game. In the mean time the Lotto has to pay someone every once in a while and my fingers are firmly crossed. If we wait in 3 years we can be back where we were cash wise and not have any debt. That might just be the best plan.

If we do want to get into a park model this year I might consider selling the truck and trailer as a package. I put just about 5000 km's on the truck in the past 2 or 3 years. And only because I made 2 trips to Kelowna with it to help folks move. Do I need a truck, yeah it is a nice to have but I don't need a 3/4 ton 'cause I won't be pulling a fifth wheel. So I could sell the truck and trailer as a package. Then we could go for a park model this year.

Lots to think about.

Sitting here with a very sharp pencil...