Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quick Note

Just a quick note today. I have not forgotten everyone its just that we have had company for the past week and I am only now getting back to the desk project.

My mother in law was in town for a couple of weeks and she stayed with us last week so we were kind of busy. She was in from Prince Albert Saskatchewan and arrived just in time to experience a full on Calgary Chinook. There was nearly a foot of snow lying around when she arrived and it was brown when she left. The one day it rained in the morning was warm and sunny in the afternoon and snowing at night. Calgary weather. If you don't like what you have wait 20 minutes.

I am back on the desk again. Just little things. Trim around the pedestals installed. Yesterday I made up the parts for the wire box that connects them. I'll put that together on the weekend along with finishing up the false drawer fronts and door and the keyboard drawer. Then all I will have left is the top to finish. The breadboard edge is making me nervous. I don't want to make any mistakes there. Keep your fingers crossed.

Still down in the basement...


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