Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back at the Project

Well it's getting closer, the desk that is. The door and drawer fronts have been kerffed to make them look like a bank of drawers. Something that I would have had the devil of a time doing on the table saw but was very straight forward not to mention upright with the Radial Arm Saw. The saw is mounted above the work on a radial arm so you can see what you are cutting. Unlike a table saw that cuts from the bottom. When you are just cutting a groove you are flying blind with a table saw.

I also constructed the wire box, a chase for the computer wiring that connects the pedestals. It has a hinged front and holes in either end to let you pass wires easily through. It also helps keep them up off the floor and out of sight also a great idea.

Right now I would be working on attaching the door and drawer fronts but the battery on the cordless drill conked out and the spare must have been put away dead too. Note to self "DON'T DO THAT!" So here I am waiting for the batteries to recharge. I have a drill with a cord but it is a big 1/2 inch and it doesn't fit in where I need to drill. Well it fits but you can't hold on to it when its in there. Also the charger is plugged in where I need to plug the drill in. I would unplug the freezer for a minute or two but then if I forgot to plug it back in I would have a lovely mess in a few days. And you know that "sometimers" (like Alzheimer's only less permanent and intermittent) would kick in right about then. You see the basement has never been finished and there is a distinct shortage of circuits. Since we never used to use the basement it was not a problem but it looks like it is something that I will have to rectify and soon if I want to keep using the basement as a workshop.

Guess I could take the dog for a walk while I wait.

Belle want to go for a walk? As if I couldn't guess...


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