Friday, April 6, 2007

Micheal's Story

Micheal is a fellow I work with, whom I would like to consider a friend. He is also an amateur author. He writes short science fiction stories. The kind of thing that would have been published in Asimov Magazine. Although I had heard about his stories I had not yet read one. Until today that is. He emailed me a story about a fellow who takes responsibility for the urban myth of a rocket powered car. You all have heard or read the story but Micheal's version is very good. Not exactly Buck Rogers and Captain Kirk science fiction but a good entertaining tale.

It is an entertaining read. It reminded me of Stephen King's story "The Body" which was made into the movie "Stand By Me". It is a reminiscence about an adventure in the narrator's youth. Not exactly a "coming of age story" but very good (in my opinion) none the less. It's also little like Max Braithwait's "The Night we Stole the Mountie's Car" or Kinsella's "Fence Post Chronicles". When I was reading it I could just picture Micheal sitting back ands telling this tale. He is a very good story teller. And this tale is quite funny. It was just the thing to read on a quiet Good Friday morning. Maybe knowing the author added to the appreciation but I hope that it stands on its own as well as I think it does. (As the old saying goes I may not know literature but I know what I like.)

I think it would make a very good set of posts on my blog. It is broken out into chapters so I could post a chapter a day if I can get his permission. I will ask him when I am back at work on Tuesday. I hope that he will let me post it. It would make a good change from my usual drivel and I could leave you all hanging at the end of the chapter waiting for the next post. (A sadistic little pleasure that I could enjoy.) It would be like the old serials. I have read that Charles Dickens published many of his novels as serial pieces in the paper and that there were near riots in the streets of London when a new chapter came out. I don't imagine that would be the out come with this but it is still a good yarn.

My sister in law is working on the great Canadian novel too. But I have not seen any of her work though I have heard of it for the past 25 years. I guess she is waiting for the great unveiling. I like Micheal's approach better. Turning out short stories and tales. I hope I can get his permission to post this one and the opportunity to read more. Then maybe we can all say we knew him when...

Keep your fingers crossed...


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