Sunday, February 18, 2007

Long Awaited Pictures

Well finally as promised some pictures of the desk. It is starting to resemble something...but what? I finished the basic pedestals this week so I thought I would set it up to get an idea of the size. Yes sir it come in on the huge side. Oh well.

The pedestals are made of the mahogany frames and the birch panels. They look a lot lighter than the frame but they will take stain much more than the mahogany. The bottom and tops are plywood trimmed in mahogany at the top. The backs of the pedestals are open to allow heat to escape. When the old computer is slaving away over taxes it gets a little hot under the collar.

These are the drawers and shelves. I have to attach the slides and install them. There are 3 small shelves for the computer scanner and CD's a large drawer with attached shelf for the printer (paper storage underneath. And two large drawers for pens pencils and junk. I think they will become a fabulous junk repository . We already have a junk drawer but now we have room for expansion. Junk is like air it expands to fill the space available. Make more space and more junk will appear.

There is not much left of the mahogany parts just the glued up doors shown here, the keyboard shelf and some trim pieces.
Not much to show for a van load of wood just over a month ago.

And in a few weeks there will be less than that

And here is one tired helper. She even brought her helper hat with her. But it is not for wearing it is for chewing on.

Still busy making sawdust...

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The Phantom Hack said...

very nice, it's coming together quite well.
I feel kinda bad I'm not there to help out with this project