Thursday, February 28, 2008


What do I have in common with the Titanic this morning? Well nothing really except that ice killed the Titanic and darn near killed me. No I was not hit by a berg in the north Atlantic. I slipped on it under the snow. A common theme I know but one that bears repeating. Be careful out there hidden dangers lurk everywhere under an innocent pile of white. Well here in Calgary at least.
It was the subject of an item on the local news just last night. And it is the reason I can barely type this morning. While walking the dogs I wiped out on the ice twice. There is no warning and no forgiveness. One step and you are on your backside on the ground. The girls even hit the ground. That was the only warning I would get. Dixie is sporting a sore hip and Belle took one on the nose. I have a somewhat less than useful shoulder and a pulled hip. But then again I fall harder than the girls. At any rate when you see us coming down the walk we look like walking wounded.
On the plus side the temperature over the next couple of days is going to be on the plus side. Maybe as much as 10 C on Friday. That should take care of the snow and anything hiding under it. I hope. Otherwise its going to be a dicey few days till people get their walks cleared.
I better sign off. This is silly but it is actually painful to type and mousing is nearly out of the question. I guess I landed just right for a guy in the computer business. I wonder if walking the dogs is covered by workers comp. Some one's got to pay and it wasn't even the dogs pulling me off balance either this time so I can't even punish them. Maybe I'll just be sore and surly with everyone. Curmudgeon becomes me.

Grumbling, moaning and complaining ...


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