Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sore Fingers

I tryed to learn guitar many years ago. All I accomplished was a) I can tune a Guitar and b) I got sore fingers. I don't think I ever did develop calluses on my fingers so since I was not too big on pain I let it lapse. Well lo these many years later I thought I would take it up again. What is different now now I have the intenet.
Let me explain. Now I can go to various sites on the intenet and get on line lessons from someone who actually knows what the hell they are doing with a guitar. They can show me what the cords are supposed to sound like and how to finger the chords. They can show me how to properly strum the guitar and hold it properly. And they give you files to play along with. You are not just sitting there plunking along on your own.
So what have I learned in the last two weeks. Well I still don't like pain. And learning is still a painful process. Nylon strings help somewhat they are not as tough as the steel strings. They actually give a bet when you press on them. And I am actually learning a few chords and how to strum. No Johnny Cash just yet, although I am dressed in black today, but I feel like I am making progress.
What do I want to get out of this. I want to be able to play a few songs so that I can accompny myself singing. Just to be able to tinker a bit if you like. I don't care if I never get good enough for someone else but I want to be good enough for myself that I can learn how to play by ear.

If I can accomplish that I will have made my goal. In the meantime I have sore fingers. But in the plus side they are recovering faster. The first day they were sore for three days. All I could manage was 20 minutes every few days. Today they are good enough that I can type this in a few hours. I understand that when I get calluses I will be set. Then all I have to master is, well playing. I can't wait.

As for now, like the old joke goes: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice!

My cyber instructor says 20 minutes a day is better than 3 hours on the weekend. And he's right. It will just take me time to get organized. And set aside half an hour a day to practice. If I want it enough I can do it. When it's 40 below and we don't walk the girls its easy. It will take some planning when it warms up.

Now any requests?


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The Phantom Hack said...

Both of us are getting creative in the cold.
Nice to know that when the weather becomes not so great, there are still things one can do to keep the gray matter physically fit, other than plunking down on the sofa with pork rinds and a movie.

...although, that does have it's value as well.