Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer's Back

Summer's back. And we were up to the trailer for the weekend. I had to plant those 15 trees Perry gave me. And I did manage to find space for them all. Now if it rains they will be off to a grand start. The trailer park is coming back to life. It sure makes a difference when all the lots are full. There were about half the people there last weekend. Not too crowded nice and quiet. I slept like a log and so did Ellen and the dogs. (The snoring from all of us I suspect was just the proof. I wonder if that voilates the quiet time rules?) It is just so relaxing up there.

The river is high and fast right now and brown. It is cleaning out all the gullies all the way back to Saskatchewan Crossing. If there are fish in it they are eating dirt and going on a the Red Deer's version of a Nantucket Sleigh Ride.

We will be back again next weekend. I have a project. Now much as i like to kick back and do nothing when I am up there i have to do this project. I am going to skirt under the hitch part of the trailer all the way back of the front storage compartment. Hopefully when it is done the squirrels will not be able to get in. Someone was feeding them, probably last fall, because the front compartment is loaded with peanuts. So I am walling the little beggars out.

After that I think it is fair game to kill any that do come back. They can go live with the vermin feeders. Isn't it interesting that the "tree huggers" who get upset when you threaten vermin are the same dough heads who feed the blighters. Which fortunately for my side results in them becoming dependent on people who are not there for them through the winter. Result dead vermin.

They also argue that the squirrels were there first and people who don't like them should learn to live with them. But I ask you, where in their evolution did they find peanuts in Alberta before? Nowhere that's where. But as I said feeding them is good for my side. Well hopefully the problem will be solved by the end of the weekend. For me at least. For the squirrels they have new problems.

Still figuring the details on the skirting...


PS Better bring the camera for before and after photos. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain on Saturday. (But the trees can drink their fill during the week)

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