Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sick Puppy

We took a little trip on the weekend. The Victoria Day Weekend is the first camping weekend of the year and the first weekend at the trailer for us usually. But this year my mother in law is hosting a family reunion. So we went up to her cabin at Emma Lake and helped her get it in shape by steam cleaning the carpet. Fortunately we did not miss anything because it was wet an dreary all weekend. It even snowed at the lake the night before we arrived.

While we were there Belle ate or drank something that did not agree with her, and she's been a sick puppy ever since. Now being sick is not a problem everyone gets sick, but she needed to be let out every 4 hours. And she is a Beagle and the yard at the cabin is not fenced so you have to take her out on the lead. At 3:00 am, there I was, three nights running, holding the dog while she tried to poop. She felt that she had to go so out we went. The Victoria day weekend is also getting a reputation as a "Party" weekend at the lake. And I'm sure the RCMP would have wondered what kind of party I was up to at that hour clad as I was in a jacket, runners and fruit of the looms holding a dog. Fortunately they (nor anyone else) came by. (Hey it was O-dark Hundred for Pete sakes.) Had anyone come along I think they would have wondered who was the sick puppy.

We got home two days ago and now Belle is on the road to recovery. She was examined by the vet (quite rudely she would say) and given antibiotics and Pepto Bismal to settle her stomach and she slept through the night last night. She is off food for two days and she is not sure she will survive that. What's more she gets to watch the other dog eat when she can't. That is really cruel and unusual punishment. She will be over that at supper time tonight.

It will take a lot more time to clean up what the really sick puppies did. There was a bush party at the lake (well a few actually) and to celebrate the attendees drove around and overturned garbage bins, pulled out traffic signs, smashed things, tore down cabin signs and generally behaved like a bunch of sickos. Why they have to be so destructive is beyond me. It happened up at the lake and it happened in the back country here as well from what the papers say.

What is it about nature than makes people stupid? In Saskatchewan they were not permitting alcohol into the parks to prevent that sort of thing so the rowdies moved out of the park into the private cabin and camping areas. Out here they went into the back country where the rangers did not patrol and left litter debris and destruction (including burned out cars) in the wilderness. Sure it was a long winter and sure the weather wasn't the best last weekend so burn up buddy's car that will make things better. How were those morons raised?

My sick puppy will be better in a day or two. The ignorant jerks that caused the destruction will never get better they will just get more money so they can destroy more. It makes you wonder who the sick puppies really were. And by the way calling them sick puppies just gives dogs a bad name.


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