Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Desk Project Part - Next in Sequence

Remember a post or two back when I said that 5 x5 is an unwieldy size for wood. Well I say it again. It was a royal pain to cut up a 1/4 inch sheet at that size. Once I had it in strips it was ok but man what a chore. I've got the 1/2 inch sheet to fight with next weekend. Maybe I will get Windsor or Black Forest Wood to do the major cuts down to something I can manage. I' ll see what it costs.

We milled up all the solid mahogany for the pedestals. I missed cutting a tenon on one of the styles so I will have to set up again to do it. Missing one is better than cutting an extra one believe me. It wasn't even that tough once it was set up I just milled all the pieces. The next time I have to do that is for the drawers and shelves. Once the parts are milled assembly is easy.

I dry fitted one of the side panels this afternoon. It looks good. The Birch panels in the mahogany frames don't even look too bad I think with stain they will be alright. Speaking of stains I managed to pinch my thumb in the fence on the table saw. A relatively minor injury considering the damage one could do with a table saw. But I ended up getting blood on the panels. I think if it had bled enough it would have darkened the birch to a deep mahogany. Nah not going to go there. Could be all those CSI shows my wife watches are having an effect on me. I don't mind her watching that but I wonder what she does with all the notes she takes? I'm worth more dead than alive should I be worried?

The Black Forest Woods Company, where I had planned to get the top cut to size was moving equipment this weekend so I did not get that done. A job for next week I guess. I might even get them to size up the other glued up sections and if it doesn't take too long power sand the front doors we will see how it goes.

Well that's it for now. I wonder where she keeps all those notes.

Sleeping with one eye open...


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