Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Desk Adventure Continues

Just a quick update on the desk project. I have rough cut all the solid Mahogany pieces and we glued up the top today. This desk is going to be huge. 34 by 62 inches does not seem like much until you see the panels nearly 3 foot by 5 foot plus that is big. Oh well to late to whine now.

The top took a lot of fussing and planing and measuring but it is almost ready to go. I think the piece will be too big to trim to size on on my table saw but there is a place in town where I think I can get it machined to size for not too dear a price. They have a large industrial table saw so it should work out better with their help. After that I should be able to handle everything else on my own.

The top has been glued up in two pieces. When they dry tonight I will biscuit join the two halves together to make the whole. I had to go out yesterday and get a couple more bar clamps long enough for the whole top. I thought that I could do the whole thing in one go but no chance. Norm said to do it in two pieces and its the only way. Remember I thought Oak would have been too heavy. Well that mahogany tips the scales pretty well too if the top pieces are any indication. This will be a solid piece of furniture if you measure by weight.

We dragged the last of the full dimension lumber in. Four sheets of 5' by 5' plywood. That is just about the most awkward size of wood I have ever encountered. It is just a little too big to get a grip on and it doesn't fit well going down stairs and turning it is of no help whatever. I'll bet it was an engineer determined that that was an optimal size they just love to mess with things.

Just sitting here watch'n the glue dry...


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