Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Victoria Day Again

It was Victoria Day weekend again last weekend and once again the rowdies proved that God made more horses asses than he made horses. And first among them were the off roaders on their ATVs. According to the paper some 5000 people crammed into the McLean Creek Campground and took their gas guzzling noise making terrain destroyers out and tore up some of Alberta's best wilderness and camping land. All for the sake of getting drunk and muddy. But on a positive note it wasn't just the male of the species getting stupid. There were women too riding around in bikinis without helmets (real smart).

They are just too many idiots in the world. Too much money and not enough brains. In fact some times I think money and brains are inversely related. They must be. Let's take your average ATV er. He is driving a truck to pull his trailer or carry his ATV. or one truck driven by the significant other to pull the trailer and one by the nut in question, that would be 40 to 60 grand for vehicles, another 10 large for the toy and 20 more for rolling accommodations. Now add to that 160 dollars for gas out from town and back and another 120 for camping fees thirty dollars per night x 4 nights one of which you don't even use because you have to get out early to save a spot. Then 60 bucks for beer, another 100 for groceries (Steaks or better). I don't know how much for dope but you are what you smoke I'm told. And judging from the reports in the paper there was a lot of doping going on. Well you get the idea this is not a cheap pastime and what was the outcome acres of terrain torn up and drunken revelries and destruction. Loads of garbage strewn about and a good time had by a very few. Now the government wants to do something but fortunately they'll get over it by next week.

On the bright side we spent the first weekend of the summer up at Sundre. It was 25 degrees (Celsius for our American friends. ) and we got to try out the air conditioning. What a great perk. The weather was great. We got to see old friends who we had not seen since last fall. The new deck was really nice. All in all we had a good weekend. The brother-in-law and sister-in-law came up for a visit on Sunday and we had a good visit and to top it off the guys beat the gals in a game of Aggravation. I have not played that for years. Oh sure the gals drew first blood just when I was almost home and sure they gloated then but the guys stormed back to win it all! Winners and still family champs! I wonder what the girls meant when they said they "let us win?"

We also made arrangements to get the roof on the deck. There were a couple of surprise showers on Sunday afternoon and we had to run for cover. The roof on the deck should prevent that problem. I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks.

And last but not least we gave the new armchair a workout. There was a spot that just cried out for an armchair in the trailer. So we have been keeping a eye out since last fall for a small leather armchair and we found one just the right size. Along with our old foot stool it is just perfect and the dog kennel makes a perfect side table for it. Just one little problem the chair is the best seat in the house and I'm told it is very comfortable but it looks great and Ellen looks great in it. She promised to let me try it next weekend.

Looking forward to our next visit up there...


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The Phantom Hack said...

Manitoba has solved the problem substance issues in the provincial parks quite simply by putting a ban on all alcohol in provincial parks on all long weekends.
When we arrived at Whiteshell provincial park this weekend to take photos, there was no shortage of 4X8' plywood sheets clearly stenciled reminding all campers that no alcohol is permitted on public land for these days under penalty of (large) fines.
Eventually, this sort of thing gets out of hand, someone makes a huge error in judgment and gets killed, and suddenly the province will get worried about liability and do the same thing out there. In the mean time, there's not a lot to be done about them tearing up the place, that particular site is specifically for off road vehicle use, so it's going to get worn.

Life, she goes on, n'est pas?