Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Finally done Christmas Shopping. The out of town stuff was done and mailed two weeks ago and we had everything for everyone else locally done last week. Just had to go out and get something for Ellen and she for me. So yesterday we went out early and finished it off. The malls are crazy. Wall to wall people. And every indication is that it will be getting worse. But we are done just regular grocery shopping and God forbid we have to go out and get something from another store.

So today we have a Christmas event at the Humane society. It is the animals Christmas party, as opposed to the office animals Christmas party. From noon to three we get to go visit the animals that are in the slammer for the holidays. It should be fun. But we will have to leave the girls home. I can imagine the worlds biggest dog fight if everyone showed up with their dogs.

I have an ulterior motive for going to the society, I need to check out the cats for a colleague. Quang has mice in his house and his wife is scared of mice. He has tried to get them with traps but he says that is expensive. And the little blighters keep coming back, so I suggested that he get a cat. And they have lots, lots and lots. You see the city just passed a law that says cats have to be licensed in Calgary and oops all the bad cat owners who don't want to licence or care for old kitty any more have been turning them in left and right. As a result the humane society has oodles of cats and crates of kittens.

Now I would be the last person to suggest that someone get a pet for Christmas, the chances are when little Johnnie or Janie get tired of playing with the new pet somewhere around noon on boxing day, or the first time Kitty drops one behind the Christmas tree, or better yet climbs it back it will go. But in this case I think it would be a good idea. A cat about a year or two old that is a good mouser would be a good addition to the house. Ted is almost 4 and would do good with a pet and Miss Hillary would do well to grow up with a pet. And a cat is independent enough to get away from them when she needs space. Now i expect that if they got a good mouser it will likely be one to show off its trophies in the kitchen at supper time but hey that's what cats do.

So part of the mission for the Humane Society is to scope out a good cat for the Caos. And then my Christmas shopping will be done. And oh yeah, I don't think Paula will care if the kitty clashes with the drapes she is more practical than that.

Looking for a good mouser...


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