Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fighting the Flu

There is one thing according to the pitchmen that children will share in a Daycare and that is a virus. And they do. With everyone the caregivers included. And since Ellen is a caregiver she gets her share too. But she has been there long enough to be relatively immune to what ever the little darlings can dig up. And I do mean dig since most of them are hard rock nose miners! But since Ellen is semi immune she becomes a carrier only. And I wind up with the little gifts that keep on giving.

But I must be developing immunity too. There is something going round the office and nearly everyone has or had it to one degree or another except me (knock on wood). Or if I did get it it was a very mild bout. (But I am worried that I may just be the last in line for this bug so when everyone else is over it I will be sick. If that happens it happens.)

Now building up immunity vicariously is a good theory but an alternative might be it might be the walks. I walk the girls every day three times a day weekdays and twice a day on weekends, (that is because they usually get longer walks during the day on weekends and I like to sleep in till 6:30 or 7:00 on weekends). I think the daily constitutional is having the effect of keeping the cold bugs at bay. The cold weather especially makes you tougher and the fresh air is less contaminated than being inside the house every day. I think that the little break from sitting in the house all day gives you just enough of a break for you to beat the bugs.

I think it works that way for the dogs too, when we first got them, both of them, they got bouts of vomiting a diarrhea, but after a few months of daily walks they are in fine shape. A little sleepier than some but in the pink otherwise.

And now that it is flu season I am going to keep up the walking. If it is the way I think it is I should be able to walk away from the flu. Just 20 or 30 minutes (depending on stops right girls) 3 times a day should do it. If it doesn't I could try an apple a day.

So where did those leashes go...


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