Monday, September 24, 2007

Winding Down

Well another summer has come and gone and life at the RV Camp is winding down. Some years you get a cold snap then an Indian summer and it is kind of nice but not this year. Its been cool and damp and cloudy all fall, well weekends anyway. The summer weekends were great but its been a dreary fall. Only one more week of that to go though. We are closing up the trailer next week. Then I am sure things will turn around.

I am having a deck built. for two reasons. First I have built decks before and they are not all that exciting and B I just can't do it for the price I am being quoted. The contractor is a fellow camper who has a contracting company in town here. He is getting on (ain't we all) and is winding down his company here. But he wants to keep his hand in so he will do small projects up at the park. And the difference between what he can do it for and what it would cost me is not significant enough for me to give up a couple of months of weekends. He will have it done in two days this week if the weather holds. He has already had the materials delivered. And good stuff it is too. As a contractor he can get better stuff for less than I can. So he is building my deck.

I won't be putting the roof on it until next year when I have a few bucks put away but we could use the deck. We can't put up fences according to the by laws so if we have a deck with a rail we will be able to let the girls out loose on the deck. They will probably like that more than being on the leash all the time. A deck will be nicer than the temporary stairs we have now too.

At any rate that will be going in this week. I have applied for the permits so the park is letting the construction go ahead It will likely be the last one this year or if it rains the first one next year. We are going to close it down next weekend so we may or may not have a deck. But we will see. I hope it is done this year as it would be nice to be able to use it first time out next year.

There have sure been a lot of changes up there starting with the skirting on the old trailer then the new one, then skirting that and finally the deck (maybe). But they're all changes for the better. I think they were all good decisions investment wise. The site is worth much more than we paid including the cost of the new trailer. If we had to sell we could easily recoup our investment plus. In the mean time we have a very nice unit to use.

And where, you may ask are the pictures? Well I did take my camera this weekend and the yard did not look like a scene from Twister. But it was dull and dreary and there are stacks of lumber every where and i still had not cleaned the bugs off the top of the trailer. (It came from somewhere near TO and there were bugs stuck to the top which had not been covered in transit so it got covered with bugs in transit. Not very attractive. I cleaned it up in the rain yesterday so they wont be hanging on it when I get out there next year. And Maybe I'll get pictures with the new deck next week. That is if I can remember the camera and if we have the time and If the weather cooperates and ...and... and...

Sitting here waiting for Indian Summer...


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