Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The New Trailer

Well its here, its been here over a week now. The new trailer and what a difference a couple of pop outs and 8 more feet make. It is a beautiful piece of workmanship my compliments to General Coach.

And I don't have pictures yet. Last Tuesday when it came in I was going to take pictures while it was being set up and I wound up doing things and helping and didn't get around to it. This weekend I was going to take pictures but I got busy building steps and stowing stuff away and reorganizing and...and...and. And I did not get any pictures then either.

This weekend no promises.

My task for the weekend is to finish the second set of steps. They were built once but because it was raining and there are too many roots in my lot they have not been installed. I have to cut them down by one step because I can't dig them down. So for the time being we have just one set of steps coming into the sliding glass door.

So let me tell you about this trailer. It was bought basically sight unseen based on the floor plan. We looked at trailers like it but not this model. We knew this one had an entertainment center and some sort of storage at the end of the living room. Some sort indeed! It has 2 china cabinets with glass doors and deep shelves. They are mounted over more cabinets with solid doors all made of oak, really nice oak. The fit and finish are first rate. even better (according to one gentleman who is looking at park models too) than the top of the line units from this same company. In my opinion they are as good as the Citation line which is the next line up from this company and as good or better than the Breckenridge which is the top line from a competitor.

We were able to stow away everything that we had in the old trailer and still have storage space to spare. There are closets everywhere and that is a little problem that I will get too. But everything that filled the old trailer just melted away into the new one. It was magic.

The new bedroom is kind of plain so we will be able to hang some pictures in there. But the bed is comfortable (or maybe we were extra tired). The dogs each had a kennel in the front room and we weren't even tripping over them. We were able to fold out the hide-a-bed with out moving the kennels and still get by it.

The fridge is as big as ours at home and just as good a quality. The stove is a small gas stove like the old trailer but it is all that we should need. It has the same oven as the old trailer which should bake as well.

The bathroom has a regular city toilet and twice as much space as the old unit. That is a real treat.

I like it, the wife likes it, the dogs like it but they don't like that they can't sit on the new couch (sorry doggies), so I think we'll keep it. The salesman who sold it to us was equally impressed and want to get one like ours to keep on his lot as a show model. He also wants to come back and take pictures of ours to put on his web site. I think he liked it too.

It does fill the lot. We could have put a 38 foot unit on the lot but we decided to only go 33 ft. and it is a good thing we did. we would have had to take down a bunch of trees to get something bigger in. This is tight as it is. We could not have got this floor plan in a 38 either and the front kitchen I think, really makes the difference. I am glad we stayed with this size.

There is nothing that we don't like about it. Oh the problem with having many closets? Well it is out of sight out of mind. We forgot a couple of things because they were put away in the closets. In the old trailer it was not a problem everything was left out because there was no place to put it. So it was there staring at you when you went to load the car. With the stuff in the closet we only missed it when we got home. It's a problem but I think we can learn to live with it.

Can't wait to get back up there...


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Maggie said...

Congrats on the lovely new 'cottage'.

Can't wait to see the pictures. Those cabinets must be gorgeous.

I am going to have to send all the members of the Smith clan over to your blog from Facebook. Yeah, no kiddin'. No Sali's in the Clan yet. I think the Winnipeggers want to recruit Ted. :))