Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Trailer Project

Well I'm almost done the skirting project. I would be done but I can't remember things. Didn't make sense? Well you see if I would have remembered my belt sander I would be done. The door was the last thing I made and I made it just a bit too tight. A few minutes with the belt sander and it will fit just perfectly. But as luck would have it I forgot to bring the sander up on the weekend so because I can't remember things I am not done.

Technically since the door does close and I can lock the storage compartment I am done. Memory or no. But I would like to be truly finished with the i's dotted and the t's crossed. (That may have to wait until I get my old storage bin moved in and the trailer storage compartment cleaned out of peanuts and squirrel nests.) So I probably will not be finished this weekend. It's Stampede time. So we are only going out for the night on Friday and coming back Saturday. Its tradition to go Stampeding the first Sunday of Stampede just me, the wife, and 150,000 of our closest friends. But who am I to argue with tradition.

But back to the project, now that it is done-ish, and since the mortgage is paid off we have started to look at park models again. A larger trailer would be nice. The extra room that comes with pop outs would sure make a difference. and now that I know I can build the skirting, well a new trailer would be very nice with a deck maybe with railings so we can let the dogs out. But I could do that for this trailer too. Maybe next year. This year I can putter around getting my storage space squared away...

Now lets see will those chairs fit in that corner?...


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