Monday, July 23, 2007

Beating the Heat

It's HOT. Africa Hot. 32 degrees celcius. Good thing it is a dry heat. No Humidity to add to the discomfort. Too hot to even take the dogs for a walk. It's a good thing our new trailer will have AC. Yeah we did it. Got tired of being debt free and took the plunge again. but at least this time the loan is with a bank I deal with so its not all that bad. I won't lose track of it anyway. I will be reminded every time I check my banking on line.

So what have we got or will we get - a 33 ft park model with 2 pop outs. Since it was already built we had to take the Air conditioning option, in this heat it was an easy sell. It will be more like a small cabin than a trailer. It has a bedroom with a real door so the next time the brother in law stays and wants to get frisky we can close the door and let them. But be warned Mr B the dogs are not used to noises in the next room and may set up a howl.

It still just sleeps 4 but that's enough. We have never had too much company in the old one. 4 adults inside and a tent outside for the kids. Hey you're camping aren't you!

The kitchen is at the front and will face the road. That way anyone walking by will not be looking right into the living room (which is the second bedroom when the hide a bed is out), Also we won't be looking at the road all the time but will be able to look out a window when we are cooking. The living room looks out on the trees. The bed room is in the back where it is quiet.

The kicker though, is a real bathroom, someplace big enough to let me change my mind in, with a real toilet not a camper toilet. And a shower that is usable for something more than a bird bath.

And lets not forget the Air conditioning that I was forced to get and I will really appreciate cause it is HOT. Africa Hot.

Sweating like a stuck pig...


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The Phantom Hack said...

Hot here too. Yesterday's high was 36, but it was NOT a dry heat, it was a nasty sweltering evening with a humidex pushing over 40 degrees, really pleasnt.
The kids spent the evening in the wading pool, and I spent the evening cursing the fact that with high humidity comes more dirt on my camera sensor. I'm going to surrender to the fact that I have to get my own sensor cleaning kit, and start doing the job myself.