Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Companion/Accpomlice For Belle

She's working out so I guess she'll stay. "Who?" you ask. Dixie the new beagle we adopted from the Humane society. I did not like it that Belle was alone all day so we kept an eye out for a companion for her. And about three weeks ago we got one. Another Beagle. They are pack dogs aren't they. She was sort of on a trial basis, then she got sick and nearly died (a combination of a virus and stress) but now she is settling in quite well.

The society said she was three years old but others who have seen her and examined her put her age at 1.5 to 2 years max. She had a home once because she is trained. She surprised me the other day by doing roll overs when I was trying to get her to just lie down. She barks, (as much as beagles bark, more of a howl) when people go by the yard (not entirely a bad thing) and she keeps Belle good company. She is a smart little dog, kind of on the thin side. Too thin for my eye. She makes Belle look like a little fat dog which she may be a little. She was skittish and nervous. She's not as trusting of people as Belle is. (Belle's motto "I never met a potential source of snacks that I didn't like!"). But she is settling in.
So there they are Belle and Dixie, a couple of angels with dusty halos!
Well its walk time, now where did I put those bags?

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