Sunday, January 14, 2007

Computer Desk Part Deux

Well I took the plunge on my project. As it turns out I should have made the desk as soon as I got the plans it would have been cheaper by half. The reason I could not get Mahogany last time out was the Tsunami two years ago. It virtually wiped out the supply. Yesterday I was able to get it but it was costly. Nearly a thousand dollars for all the wood. When I priced it out originally it would have cost about 600 bucks. So apparently procrastination has a price.

The idea of using Pine went out the window when I saw what they had in that department. There was wood, lots of it, full of holes and so twisted and warped that it wold have cost 3 times the price just to get enough straight stuff. I also looked at oak. It was cheaper than mahogany but I only have 2 x 10 joists in my house. I also like the look of Mahogany better. So that's my choice.

The next step is to set up and get Dad's old joiner working. It has to be nearly as old as me but I don't think it has that much mileage on it. He gave it to me when he was downsizing a lot of years back. Since they have downsized one more time since then I really should get it set up and running properly. So that is the task for the week, clean out the shop and get the joiner working. (Ok maybe clean out the shop is the job for the week. Getting the joiner working might be next week.)

I reviewed the tape of the New Yankee workshop where Norm made the desk. He skips over some parts where the plans are a bit unclear. It is like he is saying "You should know how to do this if you are any kind of wood worker at all". But I re-read the plan for the 500 th time and I think I can understand it now.

Heart Pine is recycled old growth pine which is why I couldn't find it at the local Totem Lumber store. The reason Norm has a zillion bucks worth of tools is a) because PBS buys them for him and b) he needs them to dress recycled lumber and c) to make everyone who watches him jealous. The reason he can finish a project like this in half an hour is because he has a zillion bucks worth of tools. Take his big industrial belt sander, he was able to surface sand the entire desk top in one pass. He did say that it could also be done with a belt sander and a random orbital sander but it would take longer. Yeah right, he left out the part where it would take more "garage words" too. Oh, "garage words" a term coined by my Aunt. Her husband is a an old car buff and when he is working on them and the wrench slips off the nut he will sometimes use what my Aunt calls "garage words". I don't think I need to provide examples.

That's all I know for sure today. I will keep you posted.


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Maggie said...

Cleaning out the shop can be an adventure, in itself. You sometimes find things you never knew you had.

That maghogany is going to be gorgeous when you are finished. Well worth all the time, expense and garage words.

the old garden ant :))
PS: Thanks for adding me to your list.