Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years

New Year's Eve. A time for looking back and for looking forward. I guess we will continue our new New Year's tradition. For the past few years now we don't wait up till midnight. Oh yeah we watched the new millennium roll in, it was after all Y2K and I am in the IT business, but that was a requirement. And we stayed up for 2001 just in case the new millennium technically started then, and it would be a few years until a person could do that again. But after that it did not seem so important to see the New Year in.

We're not party types. In fact we are early risers so partying late is definitely against the grain. If you are not out partying it up let's face it in the 500 channel universe there is really nothing on New Year's Eve. They assume that everyone is out not home watching TV.

I enjoyed the new year's parties we went to don't get me wrong, some of my fondest memories were from new years parties. I remember dad going to a party at the town hall in Holdfast. He was going to do the "old waltzeroo" and if falling on the ice in the main intersection of town was the old waltzeroo he did. And speaking of dancing I remember Nancy starting a conga line when the DJ played "Locomotion" at the hall in Erinwoods. That was practically a rite of passage as everyone got in on the train.

Then there was the year that two friends of ours resolved not to dis each other. The resolution was made mere minutes before midnight. This couple Jerry and Pinky could not be in the same room without putting each other down. And it was a battle royal of one-ups-man-ship to watch after that. But having had a few they decided that it was a rather poor way to get along so they resolved to stop it. They got their last digs in just seconds before midnight then the truce began. Then the "compliments" began some that could be interpreted as no quite complimentary. Then the first insult struck. "Way to go Pinky, that resolution lasted a whole 6 minutes" and the resolution were over and everything was back to normal.

So unless it is an important year, our new tradition is to get a good night's sleep so rather than forcing a late night. And what a good tradition it is. The new year looks much better a few hours later when you are rested. It is not so dark and God willing not so cold. And all the drunk people are at home an not on the road. It is so peaceful and quiet. A relaxing breakfast and the year is off to a grand start. Yep I like our new tradition. And since we have Belle now and it is her habit to get her last walk at 8:30 and be off to bed by 9:30 (so she will be ready for her first walk at 5:00AM) we might as well join her.

Happy New Year!

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